Tel: +(65) 9831 5161
Tel: +(65) 9831 5161

German Technology Air-cured Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) For Housing. Over 300,000 buildings, complete towns completed in over 50 countries over the past 30 years.


Amongst others developed/patented:

  • The use of lightweight aggregate (expanded clay)
  • In conjunction with Cellular Concrete
  • A foamed lightweight aggregates (man-made) produced of fly-ash, cement-dust etc.
  • A 100% foamed insulation board, offering identical thermal insulation as polystyrene.

Producing floor and roof screeds, void-fills, blocks, prefab and complete houses in one pour (vertical form-work) openings or frame for doors and windows, as well as tubes and pipes for power and sanitary cast in.

Fully to be integrated into existing concrete and prefab plants but only installing simple and inexpensive fully automatic foam generator to produce and dose the foam in selected volumes.


  • Using sand, cement, water and foam only
  • For structural (reinforced) and nonstructural applicationProduced as prefab or cast in-situ or block
  • Easily to be integrated into existing concrete and prefab plants at little investment and without major changes in production to tradition
  • Tremendous weight reduction
  • Improved fire rating
  • Easy application
  • Savings in raw material, transport, crane-cost and assembly
  • Can be manufactured to precise specifications of strength and densities.
  • Possess excellent workability.
  • Can be nailed, planed, drilled and sawn.
  • Provides excellent heat and sound insulation.
  • Can be applied with all traditional surface finishes - paint, tiles, carpets etc.

CLC becomes increasingly popular also in such countries, where the use of clay will be prohibited to conserve is for the agricultural industry only. A starter-kit is available for less than 10.000 Euro ex work.

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