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Tel: +(65) 9831 5161

Steel fibres reinforcement is used to reinforce shotcrete in 1000s of applications throughout the world, improving the concrete’s ductility, flexural strength and toughness.


In addition, FIBRESTEEL improves crack resistance and energy absorption, due to the presence of steel fibres throughout the concrete. Strength is also enhanced, as the steel fibres bridge any cracks, enabling the concrete to support load after failure.

Long-term durability is also significantly improved as the steel fibres provide a concrete matrix with discontinuous reinforcement, able to withstand corrosive elements carried by subsurface water infiltration. As a result, steel fibre reinforced shotcrete can be used under conditions that would otherwise require the use of traditional and expensive support methods, including rock bolting.


Where a thin layer of concrete is required, concrete with FIBRESTEEL provides a ready means of reinforcement. On rough uneven ground, a fibrous concrete coating can follow the surface contours, eliminating material waste.


  • Concrete with FIBRESTEEL has superior physical properties to conventional concrete, enabling the use of thinner layers for equivalent performance
  • Reduces or eliminates steel-fixing and associated costs and time
  • Proven track record and durability in 1000s of projects
  • Simplifies installation and improves OH&S Economical



  • Quick and easy application
  • Reduced labour
  • Proven track record
  • High strength and toughness
  • Efficient crack control
  • Ductile and durable concrete


Concrete with FIBRESTEEL is used extensively for:

  • Stabilising embankments and rock walls
  • Tunnel and cavern linings
  • Drainage channels
  • Swimming pools
  • Light/medium duty pavements
  • Heavy duty pavement
  • Precast Products
  • Timber overlays
  • Enhanced flexural strength
  • Enhanced flexural fatigue strength
  • Floating walkway
  • Small craft dry dock
  • Marina complex
  • Hovercraft platforms
  • Floating roads